Are you facing major decisions involving metals or minerals?

Roskill mineral consulting gives you deep insights to help you make really well-informed choices. We study world production and consumption, the operations of producers, end-use market applications, price trends and trade patterns, and make forecasts.

Our Reports

We can provide commodity market reports as well as industry outlook reports, essential reading for anyone who needs a thorough knowledge of the supply, demand, end-use applications, trade and prices of over 50 metals and minerals, as well as informed forecasts of future trends.

We organise our expertise into three product areas:

Mineral Consulting including Commodity Market and Industry Outlook Reports

Approachable. Independent. Expert.

You may be formulating company strategy, following industry trends, planning exploration and marketing activities, analysing competitors, training new staff or wanting to gain a complete overview of a single industry.

Did you know...

Our clients are based in over 100 countries. They include mining, chemical, engineering & exploration companies, government organisations, trading organisations, mines financial analysts and manufacturers who take full advantage of our mineral consulting services.

As part of our mineral consulting we can offer experienced consultants who have built up an extensive database of relevant contacts in the metals and mineral industries. Along with essential market intelligence in order to provide trust worth commodity market reports as well as our industry outlook reports. Our insights are completely independent. We're privately-owned, so our reporting is totally unbiased. Our expert researchers make a thorough and objective analysis of all available data, from sources across the globe. This includes a large and invaluable network of contacts: the key industry players talk to us because they know us well. That's why the breadth, depth, accuracy and expertise of our research is unrivalled.

We look forward to working with you!

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