Minor & Light Metals / Cobalt: Market Outlook to 2018, 12th edition 2014


  • 1. Summary
  • 2. Occurrence, geology, reserves and processing of cobalt
  • 3. World production of cobalt
  • 4. Production of cobalt by country and company
  • 5. International trade in cobalt
  • 6. World consumption of cobalt
  • 7. Use of cobalt in rechargeable batteries
  • 8. Use of cobalt in nickel alloys
  • 9. Use of cobalt in tool materials
  • 10. Use of cobalt in catalysts
  • 11. Use of cobalt in pigments and decolourisers
  • 12. Use of cobalt in magnets
  • 13. Use of cobalt in soaps
  • 14. Cobalt in other end uses
  • 15. Cobalt supply and demand balance
  • 16. Cobalt prices

Cobalt: Market Outlook to 2018, 12th edition 2014



The cobalt market went into oversupply in late 2009 and remains in surplus.  Roskill expects supply to continue to outstrip demand in 2014 and 2015

as the ramping up of new projects and expansions continue.  Thereafter, despite the potential for further new supply sources and expansion projects coming on stream, demand is forecast to grow at a higher rate than supply.  However, it will take several years for the recent period of oversupply and resultant stockpiling to be reconciled, which is likely to keep prices in check over the medium term.


Developments in the DRC, the world’s largest mine producer, have the potential to significantly impact the market in 2014. The DRC government is known to want to increase domestic refining of copper and cobalt products and decrease exports of unrefined materials. Whilst the proposed export ban on concentrates did not come to fruition in 2013, government rhetoric suggests that such measures could still go ahead this year. Read more...

World: Consumption of cobalt, by end use, 2013e



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Get accurate answers from independent experts: 
  • For how long will the period of oversupply continue?
  • Will changes in the DRC impact the international market?
  • Which companies will bring additional mine and refined capacity into operation?
  • What is the outlook for key end-use sectors such as batteries and nickel alloys?
  • Will Chinese demand for cobalt raw materials continue to grow?


Cobalt: Market Outlook to 2018, 12th edition 2014

  • Published 28/02/2014
  • 327 pages, 156 tables and 121 figures.
  • ISBN 978 0 86214 605 4

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