Industrial Minerals / Boron: Global industry markets and outlook, 12th edition 2010


  • 1. Summary
  • 2. Introduction and occurrence of boron minerals
  • 3. Mining and processing of borates
  • 4. World production of borates
  • 5. Review of borate-producing countries and companies
  • 6. International trade in borates
  • 7. World consumption of borates
  • 8. End-uses for borates
  • 9. Prices of borates

Boron: Global industry markets and outlook, 12th edition 2010

Global demand for borates grew strongly in the three years to 2008, at up to 8%py, largely driven by growth in the Chinese market now the worlds largest where consumption rose by 15%py from 2000 to 2008. Growth in the market share held by Asian countries partly reflects the shift in production of textile-grade fibreglass, borosilicate glass and ceramics away from North America and Europe to countries with lower production costs. Following the years of strong growth, 2009 saw a sharp drop in demand for borates, but, in the second half of the year, markets for both textile-grade fibreglass and borosilicate glass recovered and demand for borosilicate glass in LCD screens is expected to grow by 15% in 2010. An up-turn in construction activity should provide a recovering market for insulation-grade fibreglass in the medium term. World production of natural and refined borates remains highly concentrated in Turkey and the USA; the two countries accounting for around 75% of supply. Chinese boron is inadequate in terms of both quantity and grade to meet domestic demand so the country is now the largest importer of both natural borates and boric acid.

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  • Where will future expansions in mine supply be located?
  • Will production of boric acid from brine have a significant impact on supply?
  • What are the main applications for borosilicate glass?
  • Which companies dominate production of fibreglass in China?
  • What is the main driver behind forecast growth in demand for FeB of 10-15%py
  • What is the outlook for boron prices?
boron production


This report gives you a full analysis of the key trends, issues and developments in the market, a clear insight into all areas of the industry and an authoritative analysis of its prospects.

Boron: Global industry markets and outlook, 12th edition 2010

  • Published 05/02/2010
  • 243 pages, 152 tables and 41 figures.
  • ISBN 978 0 86214 561 3

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