Industrial Minerals / Bauxite and Alumina: Global Industry Markets and Outlook, 8th edition 2012


  • 1. Summary
  • 2. History, occurrence, properties and resources of bauxite
  • 3. Mining and processing
  • 4. World bauxite production data
  • 5. World alumina production data
  • 6. Exploration, bauxite mining and alumina refining by country
  • 7. World consumption of bauxite and alumina
  • 8. Use of bauxite and alumina in primary aluminium production
  • 9. Use of bauxite and alumina in refractories
  • 10. Use of bauxite and alumina in cement
  • 11. Use of bauxite and alumina in abrasives
  • 12. Use of alumina in ceramics
  • 13. Use of bauxite in proppants
  • 14. Other markets for bauxite
  • 15. Aluminium trihydrate in aluminium chemicals
  • 16. Alumina trihydrate ? other uses
  • 17. International trade data for bauxite and alumina
  • 18. Prices of bauxite and alumina

Bauxite and Alumina: Global Industry Markets and Outlook, 8th edition 2012

Trade patterns, pricing mechanisms, and the corporate landscape have all shifted over the last five years in the bauxite and alumina industry. This latest report from Roskill reviews these changes and examines their impact on the industry.  One of the major drivers behind many of these changes is the increasing Chinese demand for aluminium, which has grown at a dramatic rate of 18.4%py between 2002 and 2011, compared with an average global rate of 6.6%.

Profiling over 200 bauxite and alumina operations, including calcined, chemical and fused alumina production, Roskill’s 400-page Global Industry and Market Outlook offers a comprehensive review of the whole bauxite and alumina industry. From mines and reserves through to developing end-use applications the report covers every aspect of the subject, examining trends and providing analysis to give both clarity and an understanding of the market.

Over 97% of bauxite is used in the production of smelter grade alumina, whilst the remainder is calcined and used in refractories and abrasives, or used directly in cement production and other applications. One growth area for calcined bauxite is in proppant manufacture for use in shale-gas production, which has significantly increased in volume over the last ten years.  

Smelter grade alumina is primarily used to produce aluminium metal, which accounts for 94% of total alumina output. The balance is split between alumina trihydrate (ATH) and calcined alumina. ATH is a staple feedstock for aluminium chemicals including aluminium sulphate and aluminium fluoride and processed ATH is used in myriad filler applications, the most important of which is as a flame retardant.  Calcined alumina is mainly used in refractories and ceramics, and again many different grades are produced.  The increasing environmental legislation has boosted its use in automotive catalysts.

The fortunes of the bulk of bauxite and alumina production are inextricably linked to that of aluminium production which is forecast to grow over the next five years. With new refinery capacity planned in China to meet the expected rise, demand for bauxite is also forecast to increase over the next five years. This report reviews a number of bauxite projects underway around the world. New alumina capacity is planned, mainly in China and India, while elsewhere some other projects are being delayed until pricing levels for smelter grade alumina improve.

The corporate landscape is also changing. The industry is less vertically integrated than before.Twenty mining companies now account for almost three quarters of total bauxite mining capacity.

          Global bauxite production and year-on-year growth, 1996-2011

Global bauxite production and year-on-year growth

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  • Where will the bauxite come from to meet the forecast demand in China?
  • What is the outlook for alumina and bauxite in refractories?
  • Will changes to pricing mechanisms have a long term impact?
  • What are the key markets for ATH? Where will the growth be?
  • Will there be a shortfall in calcined bauxite supply?

Bauxite and Alumina: Global Industry Markets and Outlook, 8th edition 2012

  • Published 31/01/2013
  • 417 pages, 198 tables and 112 figures.
  • ISBN 978 0 86214 586 6

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